Brothers, Bill and John

Brothers, Bill and John started the business together in 1995 to be able to serve the biggest retail customer directly.

Prior to starting the business both were actively involved on the family farm. Today, Bill takes responsibility for the running of the packing and procurement side of the business while John looks after the growing.


Kev, joined the business at its beginnings in 1995, moving down from Lincolnshire where he was in a similar role at another packhouse.

Kev knows the business inside out and has been part of its growth since the days of packing 5,000 ton a year up to its current 50,000. Kev looks after the daily production and all the staff, keeping a tight ship that runs smoothly.


Mick has also been with the business since its beginnings and like Kev knows it like the back of his hand.

Mick works closely with Bill and Kev to ensure the right onions are in the right place to be packed at the right time. Mick overseas all of the packhouse maintenance to ensure everything is working at its best.


George joined the family business in January 2013 after a few years working elsewhere in the produce industry after leaving Reading University where he studied Agricultural Business Management.

George now looks after our main customer, matching up their requirements with our production.


Sam joined the family business in August 2011 after studying Agricultural Business Management also at Reading University.

As a qualified agronomist, Sam looks after the quality in the field and stores of our own crops and those of our grower base. As well as that Sam is always looking at and trialling new varieties and processes that are coming through.


Jim has a huge experience in the produce industry and joined Stourgarden in July 2014. Jim ensures we are exceeding all expectations of traceability and product assurance and gets us through to the highest level of Audit.

The pressures on this area of the business are always growing and so Jim has a lot to keep ahead of


Vicki joined in 2014 and works closely with Jim on all things technical.

In addition to helping Jim out, Vicki is also responsible for the fresh prepared side of the business ensuring all the standards are tip top.


Sadie has been here since the doors first opened in 1995 and looks after all of the product quality.

She has a team beneath her that check all onions coming into the packhouse and then everything that leaves to go to the customer.


Christine (aka ‘Peanut’) has been working with Stourgarden for over 11 years now, starting on the packing lines, Christine is Kev and Micks eyes on the ground and is brilliant at getting this done and keeping everyone in line.

Looking after packaging stocks, checking labels, sorting small staff issues and overtime all sit with Christine


From a farming background all his life, Neil joined the farm in 1994.

Neil looks after all of the big cultivation machinery ahead of planting onions, and then throughout the growing season looks after the spraying and fertilising of the crop to keep weeds and disease away and maintaining the right level of nutrients.


Also from a farming background all his life, Jimmy was a gap year student on the farm and returned after finishing his course at Writtle College to become Assistant farm manager from where he has progressed.

Jimmy looks after all of the irrigation of the onions and other crops on the farm and then come harvest time is busy running harvest crews around the farm.


Working closely with Gerald, Jan is the backbone of the Stourgarden office and keeps everyone in check.

From holidays to invoicing, Jan deals with a little bit of everything


Jemma joined in August 2014 and is responsible for developing our Rosanna brand presence and making sure everyone knows about what we do and who we are.


Tris joined the business in September to take on the running of our new Prep factory from the beginning.

Tris oversees the smooth running of the factory and operations and makes sure all regulations are adhered to and staff are well looked after.


There’s a theme here…

Gerald has been with Sourgarden since day one and looks after all the numbers, making sure that what goes in and what comes out makes a plus